Mobile Client Installation Guide


Mobile Client is the application that specially design for casino of CT,It have android application and ios application. The android application supported and compatibility by android Pad and android Phone.It requires the system of android device is 3.0 or above.IOS application have iPhone application and iPad application. It requires the system of IOS is 6.0 or above.

Installation Steps:

Steps One

Method One:Input the mobile browser or scan QR code to download and install the application.

Method Two:Click the QR of the website to enter the download webpage and download the installation package,and send it to your mobile devices to install.

Method Three:Scan the QR code blow to install

PS:If appear the following page by WeChat scanning to download.Please according to the graphic operation to use the browser to download

Steps Two:

Get the following page by scan or click the link,Then select the corresponding system to download.(The IOS application only can be downloaded on the Apple devices)

Steps Three:

After click the button of download,the Apple device will automatically download and install the CT855 application on the surface of the table.For android device,you need find the installation package(CT855.apk),then click the Package installer,you can open the application after install successfully.If you can't install the application like the diagram blow.

Please click the Setting button and select the "security" option, and allow the Unknow sources,then install again.

Usage Method:

You need input username and password to login the CT855 application.the username usually is your username and extensions.(such as your username is admin,you should input [email protected]),the @855play is can get your extensions by contact your agant.

If can't login or repeat prompt update version.please uninstall your application and download&install again as steps above.If you still hava this problem, you can contact us.